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Why Invest in a Photographer?

Investing in a photographer means that you are hiring someone with the goal of making you feel just like, you! And when this happens, your photos will really be YOUR story creatively captured. A good photographer ensures that you are having a great time so that you feel comfortable while getting your picture taken! The reality is that you truly deserve investing in someone that knows how to find the light in order to sweep your story off its feet! There's honestly a photographer for everyone, so don't settle! Truly invest in your photographer because it's totally worth it! Guarantee something where your heart will forever smile at the outcome.


Current Wedding Bundle Details and Prices

A 20% non-refundable deposit of the chosen bundle is needed to reserve your date.

All HT Photography weddings come with a trusted and signed agreement.

The prices here are subject to change at any time if you have not yet reserved your date.

Bundle One:

"Keeping it simple."
-Engagement session (online downloadable gallery)
-Up to 6 hours of coverage
-Ceremony, formals, reception highlights
-USB wedding day album


Bundle Two:

"The popular choice."
-Engagement session (online downloadable gallery)
-Up to 10 hours of coverage
-Getting ready (1 location), ceremony, formals, reception
-USB wedding day album


Bundle Three:

"All day - full coverage!"
-Engagement session (online downloadable gallery)
-Up to 12 hours of coverage
-Getting ready, ceremony, formals, reception
-USB wedding day album
-Golden or Blue hour bonus photo session
-2 photographers


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